Millennial Debt This Week: Mar 15

  • Only 15.8% of millennials don't regret taking student loan debt
  • "23.5% said they felt extremely regretful"
  • Many millennials overestimate the annual salary of their first job out of college
  • The average millennial earns $35,455 per year

Trump’s Student Loan Interest Waiver Isn’t What You May Think

  • Monthly student loan payments aren't decreasing
  • No interest will accrue for those who enter forbearance and withhold payments temporarily
  • Private loans are not covered by this waiver

Senate Overturns Student Loan Forgiveness Rule

  • U.S. Senate recently voted to overturn new student loan forgiveness plan from Betsy DeVos
  • Devos' plan would require students who were defrauded to apply for student loan forgiveness, and would possibly limit the amount of forgiveness received

  • 5 defendants have recently been targeted by the state of California for charging student loan borrowers for assistance services that are offered for free through the federal government
  • The author suggests:
    • Not pay anyone upfront, ever
    • Affiliated with the Department of Education means nothing
    • Limited-time offers shouldn't play into your decisions
    • Hiring companies to negotiate your student loans is useless
    • Follow the website.